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Lightweight Bow Hunters Ghillie BDU Jacket

Lightweight Bow Hunters Ghillie BDU Jacket

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*Please note that these jackets are custom built to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

The lightweight bow hunter custom BDU ghillie jacket is here. The open sleeve and chest area is designed so that your bow string won't interfere with your bow shot. Combine this with the lightweight BDU pants and get the ultimate ghillie suit for bow hunting. Get all the benefits of synthetic lightweight thread and military BDU's. Fully customizable! 

  • Available in both left or right hand models.
  • We use Industrial sewing machines to sew a knotted 1" x 1" nylon netting directly to a Military BDU 4 pocket coat. These are made by "ATLANCO".
  • Our Synthetic thread is directly hand tied to this netting. The sewn on Synthetic thread covers the entire back of the jacket, half the chest area in the front, one sleeve, and has an attached hood. The open sleeve and chest area is so your bow string won't interfere with your bow shot. Available in both left or right hand models.
  • Pockets are closed off, or can be accessible.
  • The Hood is build the same way we build our Ghillie Poncho by hand tying the thread to a 1"x1" netting, and then sewing this to the Jacket. This design allows you to stay cooler, allowing the wind to pass through, and also allows for better hearing.
  • By using a netting on the outside of the BDU's, you can add natural vegetation while out in the field. This allows you to change your colors by adding sticks or leaves.
  • All our synthetic thread is *Fire-retardant *Water-repellent *Rot Proof *Mildew resistant and *Non-Allergenic with *No UV-Brighteners.

Choose from three BDU color patterns, and four different Ghillie colors.

Ghillie Suit Color Patterns: Woodland, Mossy, Desert, Leafy Green.

BDU Patterns: 

Standard Woodland
Standard 3-Color Desert
All Terrain Digital (+$10)

Add Pocket Accessibility: (+$15)

Handed: Please be sure to specify left or right handed.

Sizes: See photo for sizing.

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  • Need know colors of ghille jackets bowhunting thanks

    Hi There - 

    For the base BDU we offer woodland, desert, Multicam or all terrain desert. 

    For the thread, we offer woodland, desert, leafy green, and mossy.

    Hope that helps!