Sniper BDU Ghillie Suit Pants - Jute Thread

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*Please note, these pants are custom built to order. 

The ultimate Sniper Ghillie Pants are made from natural dyed jute thread. The jute thread is hand tied directly onto knotted 1" x 1" nylon netting which is sewn onto the back of the pants. Top front and rear pockets are accessible.

The front thighs and knees have 1000 Denier Cordura Plus material sewn on for those long sniper crawls. The "Plus" means it has a urethane coating making it water proof for laying down for extended periods.  The 1000 Denier material is very durable so you can crawl over rocks and sticks with ease. 


Customer Reviews

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Great suit

O.K. here goes. I am a Vietnam Vet, not easily impressed. However, I thought I would give these folks a chance. So I ordered the Ghillie jacket, it is very well constructed, but had no pockets. No big deal, I solved that issue. When I found that the pants had pockets, I ordered them also. Both make a great Ghillie suit! The pockets in the pants are deep and would hold extra mags or what ever. Alright here comes the test. There is a wooded area about 25 yards from the house. I laid the pants at the edge of the tree line, did not put any other camo on them. As I said,I just laid them on top of the natural vegetation. Then I went and asked the wife to come find them from our deck. I even gave her a narrow parameter where to look and where they could be laying. She could not find them. And she knew what she was looking for! She thought I had hid them under something. So I walked over and picked them up from under the trees where I laid them, she could not believe it. I think the product these folks put out, is as good as we had in Vietnam, only with better material. On the side of being redundant, these people produce a great product. Thank you to the Ghillie Suit Clothing Company.

Best sniper pants out there

had to wait a week to get it. made very well. Hand sewn and the material is first rate.