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Snow Jackal Ghillie Suit XL/XXL Size

Snow Jackal Ghillie Suit XL/XXL Size

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This suit is an open package item that is new with tags. 

It does have a few small areas that appear to have some dirt scuffs, so we've marked it down. 


CamoSystems brings you a professional, affordable, 3D camouflage net system that is both compactible and strong. It is designed to break up your outline, disrupt your landscape and disguise objects (when you want to be discrete). All of this in a product that is Non-Toxic and friendly to the environment makes "CamoSystems the ultimate line of camouflage netting."

This is a two piece jacket and pants combination that is built on super soft mesh clothing. Attached to the mesh clothing is digital camoflage fabric cut in 3D patterns along with camoflage colored long polyester strips. This suit is very lightweight and very comfortable. This suit is a separate jacket and pants combo all features a detachable hood. The jacket features a detachable hood and a button front with velcro straps at the wrists. The pants feature suspenders and a drawstring waist to keep them high and snug on your body. This suit is hand washable, rot/mold and fire resistant.

Built on a Comfortable Bug Proof Netting, this all terrain suit is hand washable. It is made of light weight polyester fabric that is effective and durable, and provides the user with quiet and rustle-free movement. It is rot and mold resistant for those times of extreme use out in the field.

The Jackal's 3-D Leaf-like materials will blend you right into the woods! And it's hand washable as well.

This suit comes in XL which fits 46-52 chest and 40-46 waist.

Inner Shell 
Soft Mesh Jacket & Pants

Suit Composition 2 piece
Detachable Hood
Jacket with Buttoned Front and Velcro Wrist Straps
Pants with Draw Cords and Suspenders

Camoflage Material 
Digital Camo 3D Netting
Synthetic Straps

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