Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit - Kids Size

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Be Silent. Be Deadly. Be a Ghost. 

The Woodland suit for kids includes a 7-color blend of synthetic fibers to provide a subtle variation in color and perceived depth of field that makes the suits nearly imperceptible in most operating environments. This synthetic material is also fire retardant as well as mildew and moisture resistant.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN: With drawstring waistbands and elastic cuffs this suit will fit a wide range of kid shapes and sizes. Better yet - layer up or down depending on the weather on Halloween night; the flexible sizing allows for nearly any combination your child needs. Suit is built on a breathable mesh base with not-so-breathable thread sewn on top

SYNTHETIC WATER-RESISTANT THREAD: Don’t stop your trick-or-treating because of the rain! By using synthetic threads that repel water the Arcturus Ghost Ghillie will do its best to avoid getting soaked and heavy.

DOUBLE-STITCHED THREAD INCREASES DURABILITY:  We've minimized the shedding that occurs on all ghillie suits by double stitching all thread on the Ghost. While most other ghillies single-stitch, our double stitches lock in the thread and dramatically reduce shedding. We hope you'll agree - it's the details that matter

4-PIECE SYSTEM FITS MOST KIDS: Suit includes pants, jacket with button front and attached hood, ghillie rifle wrap, and a mesh carry bag. Everything your kid needs for the ultimate ghillie experience. Kids size is designed for most kids under 5’ tall and can be used for most children about age 5 and up (model in image is age 6). 

Features include:

  • Double Stitched Threads
  • Adjustable Drawstrings
  • Ultra Lightweight, Breathable Double Mesh Shell
  • Fire Retardant
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Camouflage Carrying Bag

The Ghost Ghillie Suit for kids and young adults comes in the Woodland camouflage pattern only.


Kids (4'0" to 5'0") Woodland Only
Young Adult (5'1" to 5'6") Woodland Only
*See size chart image for more details

Each suit includes adjustable waist and ankle straps to allow you to customize your fit to your unique height and build.

Jacket Specifications
Breathable Inner Mesh Shell
5 Snap Buttons
Elastic Waist and Cuffs
Attached Hood with Drawstrings

Pants Specifications
Inner Camouflage Mesh Shell
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring
Elastic Ankles

Ghillie Rifle Wrap
Elastic Band with Ghillie Thread
Elastic Loop Ends for Easy Attachment


Hand wash your ghillie suit in cool water. If there's a stain that will not come out with cold water, use only non-bleach, scent-removing detergent and wash again. Gently wring out and hang to dry.

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I have found this Ghillie Suit to be of the utmost superb quality and camouflage, wherever you choose to wear it: deep in the bush, forest, prairie, school or at home. The suit will not disappoint, it will command respect from all people you encounter.