Arcturus 3D Loose Leaf Bundle | 50 Laser-Cut Leaf Strips

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Designed to break up your outline and form, Arcturus 3D Loose Leaf Strips can be added to nearly everything to achieve realistic 3D camo cover. Don't settle for machine-cut leaves that fray at the edges. These laser-cut leaves offer clean edges that won't fray or snag. Made from 100% polyester without any UV brighteners.. 

Add them to rifle wraps, hunting blinds, or even create your own ghillie suit using these laser cut leaf strips. 

Don't get weighed down by heavy material. Each bundle includes 50 strips of leaves and weighs only 4 ounces. Each leaf strip measures approximately 6 inches wide by 19 inches long. 

Available in five camo patterns:

  • All-Season Hardwood
  • Fall Forest
  • Dark Woodland
  • Summer Green
  • Realtree EDGE™

    Pssst. They match perfectly with the Arcturus Fall ForestDark WoodlandSummer Green, All-Season Hardwood and Realtree EDGE™ Leaf Suits.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Michael S Jones
    The Very Best to have period ! I tie them using Ghillie threads ( woodland & light brown ) .

    I’m doing a netting , and it’s staying light , very effective . This isn’t the only color ( using 2 packs of 3’s ) - Superior! Yeah shipping and all was pretty quick and smooth - no problems …. I’ll probably have to order more later because I’m doing a 10x10 - just taking my time . Using Ghillie thread to tie the strips on the net . I’m just enjoying it like I’m making a quilt hahaha . When I finish it’s gonna be real . I’m a Hunter .

    Charles Yonker
    Ghillie strips

    Ordered the strips and received them promptly.
    There are exactly what I need to cover the window openings in my ground blind. I’ll attach them next spring and I’ll be looking forward to improved concealment while in the blinds.

    Tim Sizemore
    Perfect Addition

    These strips are the perfect addition to any Ghillie suit or anything you need to hide. I added both brown and green to my suit and it really helped. I also am using them on my bow and handguns. I'll be ordering more of these in the future. Great quality and exceptional value. Thanks Guys!!