3D Leaf Suits

Why is a 3D leaf suit so effective?

Depth is the key to camouflage!

Standard camouflage clothing can only do so much. Manufacturers constantly create new color patterns, take photos of real trees and leaves and lighten and darken their clothing. But the one thing that they can never do is actually change the depth of their clothes.

Nothing can replicate real depth using flat clothing.

This is why the Arcturus 3D leaf suit is becoming more and more popular. They decided to actually make the suit three dimensional by putting lightweight leaves on it and then print a proven patterned camouflage into the fabric. With this suit, you get the benefits of camo pattern print AND 3 dimensional depth. It's a deadly combination that has customers raving.

Many other camouflage suits are cumbersome, but this 3D leaf suit weighs under 2 lbs, is compressible and easily fits into a small bag. It also will not shed or pick up leaves, twigs and debris.

Whether you live in the Midwest or the deserts of Arizona, the Arcturus 3D Leaf Suit comes in color that will match your environment.

  • Fall Forest - A mix of light to medium browns that will blend into any forested environment
  • Autumn - Similar to Fall Forest but orange is added to make it blend perfectly during the color changes of fall
  • Dark Woodland (shown to the right) - Deeper browns with some white to mimic the light and shade in the deeper woods
  • Summer Green (shown above and below) - Bright greens to match any summer foliage