Desert Ghillie Suits

What is a Desert Ghillie Suit?

A desert ghillie suit is a ghillie suit that is mainly light tan with bits of black and brown. This ghillie suit is made to blend into desert-like conditions. However, the desert ghillie suit can also be used in a variety of different terrains.

In mountainous regions in the southwest USA, the rocky terrain is very barren and brown. The desert ghillie suit blends in well in this environment. The desert ghillie suit can also be used throughout the fall, winter and spring in grasslands where dying grass has become yellow and brown. In the winter months, in terrain which has patches of snow intermixed with the ground, the desert pattern can also blend in well as dead brush.

The standard desert ghillie suit is 95% tan and 5% black. There are some desert ghillie suits that are full tan in color. A new type of desert ghillie suit that has surfaced in the past year is a dry grass ghillie suit which mimics dead grass. This ghillie suit has tan with a tinge of green.