Ghillie Ponchos

Sometimes a Ghillie Poncho is a better fit than a full complete ghillie suit. The main benefit of a ghillie poncho is the lack of leg openings or material below the torso. Because of this a poncho is very easy to deploy in the field.

Today's lightweight synthetic ghillie ponchos can be rolled up and stored in very small compact rucksacks. This allows the soldier to move quickly unencumbered in fatigues. When the situation arises they can quickly deploy the ghillie poncho without stepping through pant legs.

There are three primary types of ponchos; the full poncho, the tracker or half poncho and the stalker poncho.

The stalker poncho is what we call a 3/4 poncho because it covers 3/4 of your body. The stalker does not cover the front of your legs. What this does is allow you to move forward without any restrictions and in an instant you can lay down on your stomach and your full body will be covered on the back.

The tracker poncho is a half poncho which covers your upper torso. This is great for areas with very tall grass where your lower half is already concealed naturally. With a tracker, you have full mobility in your legs. The disadvantage of it is that your legs are exposed in open areas and one would have to rely on a very slow crouch to keep them concealed.

The full poncho covers your complete body from head to toe. It's main disadvantage is movement. Without separate leg openings, walking or running in a full poncho can be very difficult