Kids Ghillie Suits

With rising popularity, ghillie suit manufacturers have begun to offer ghillie suits for kids, and other children's clothing for hunting and shooting purposes. The kids ghillie suits are designed for younger adults and kids who are involved in paintball, airsoft, shooting sports or just playing army.

We sell a few kids ghillie suits. The popular ones are the Warrior Kids Ghillie Suit (shown below), the Kids Ghost Ghillie Suit and the Kids Stealthsuit.

Traditional ghillie suits are also made from heavy burlap or jute, which makes maneuverability very difficult for adults. All kids ghillie suits are made from synthetic, lighter materials. These suits are airy and cooler than the majority of adult versions, though many now are available in a lightweight synthetic version.

Kids ghillie suits are very popular with kids. During Halloween, kids ghillie suits used as a costume quickly sell out in the first few days of October, so if your children plan to be a sniper or a ghillie suit guy for Halloween, you should plan to purchase the suit early.

Kids ghillie suits also allow kids to go hunting with dad. We all know that kids love to emulate their fathers so many of them want the same ghillie suit as dad. A great set of ghillie suits would be the kids warrior ghillie suit and the adult warrior ghillie suit. Both come complete with rifle wrap and head cover.

If your kid likes to build things, you may want to look into building a kids ghillie suit. A small ghillie kit should suffice in creating a kids ghillie poncho. In addition to the lower price, your child will have the satisfaction of constructing it himself and best of all, it can be customized in both color patterns and size to his exact size.