Paintball Ghillie Suits

Paintball ghillie suits will give you a competitive advantage over the other paintball players who are only wearing BDU camouflage. Paintball and airsoft ghillie suits are basically the same. The type of paintball ghillie suit you choose is move dependent on your style of play rather than the game. Obviously, ghillie suits are not needed for speedball and other close in paintball simulations.

When choosing a ghillie suit for paintball you have to first decide on the style of player that you are. The type of suit chosen would be different than if you wanted a ghillie suit for hunting or for going into the military. Sometimes people just go out and purchase any type of military ghillie suit and bring it to the game. However, they soon find that the ghillie suit they bought may not suit their style.

One factor that is often forgotten is weather conditions. Playing paintball in hot weather with a full ghillie suit is not recommended. Ghillie suits are very good insulators and retain alot of body heat. If you are playing in warm conditions, think about using minimal ghillie camouflage like a tracker or short poncho instead of a full suit. The 3D leaf suit (shown below) is super lightweight and built on a mesh material that allows good circulation in warm environments.

You need to be able to hose off a paintball ghillie suit at the end of the day, unless you don't get hit at all. For this reason we suggest a synthetic ghillie suit instead of a jute or burlap one. These ghillie suits now come in kids sizes as people of all ages play this sport.

With all that said, you should determine the style of paintball player that you are. If you are the sniping type that likes to sit still and wait for players to come towards you. You can get a full ghillie suit that have more material and provide ultimate concealment. The downside is that these suits will limit your movement and speed. If you are the sniper type of player, a full one piece ghillie suit or ghillie poncho with be sufficient. Also, because paintball games don't usually last too long, you may not need the sniper ghillie suits with the extra padding for crawling and comfort.

If you are the type of paintball player that likes to run up to the front and then crouch down and then sneak up at close range, we recommend the lighter, synthetic ghillie suits. The ghillie suit can be a 2 piece combination, jacket and pants, or a 1 piece short poncho. Full ponchos are difficult to move in and you have to pin then up or hold them up while running.

In terms of speed, one of the most popular styles is a ghillie tracker poncho. This half poncho would not hinder any of your movement because it comes to your waist. With a tracker poncho, you would want to keep your lower body concealed behind trees or bushes. The tracker poncho is available in a synthetic version.

For those who like to make their own ghillie suit, this type of ghillie suit requires less time and material than a full ghillie. You can make two tracker ponchos from one suit, so it's like getting twp ghillie suits at a discount. You are basically making half of a ghillie suit and only require half the time and materials compared to a full poncho or ghillie suit.

Don't forget that you should also cover up your paintball gun or marker with a ghillie rifle cover. If you are building your own poncho, these are a very easy add on. Just make a ghillie poncho on netting that that is 4 feet x 6 inches and wrap it around your paintball marker and hopper.