Arcturus 47" Extra Wide Gun Sock - Silicone Treated - 4 Pack

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The Arcturus Gun and Rifle Sock is a great investment to protect your firearms. The extra large size ensures that it will fit rifles with large scopes and pistols grips. It has a drawstring enclosure on one end to keep your gun safe from dirt, scratches and rust.

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - 47" x 6" Rifle Gun Sock - Made to fit tactical rifles with pistol grips and large scopes. Larger than most other gun socks.
  • SILICONE TREATED - Fabric does not hold moisture and will help protect your gun from rust.
  • STORAGE AND TRANSPORT PROTECTION - Great for long term storage and transportation or travel. Protects from scratches and dirt.
  • 4 PACK - Comes in a combo pack with 4 gun socks.  
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR Available in all Green, all Gray, all Coyote Brown or a combo of 2 Gray/2 Green.