Arcturus Medium Ghillie Kit

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The Arcturus Medium Ghillie Kit comes with 6 bundles of colored synthetic thread.

This is enough thread to make a lightweight full length poncho, or a full jacket or a full pair of pants plus an accessory such as a rifle wrap and boonie hat.

Each bundle of thread weighs 1/2 lb. It comes with one 5' x 9' nylon net.

Kit includes the following:

  • 1 - 5'x9' nylon net
  • 6 - individual bundles of synthetic thread of your color choice

Customer Reviews

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Cole Wild

I’ve almost finished the veil and haven’t begun my actually suit but I’ve been extremely pleased with the artificial jute and the netting. The face paint looks good too. Super great quality product and it shipped on time even with COVID.

Large Ghillie Suit Kit

The components that come with the kit are high quality. I can see the major benefits of the synthetic thread over the original jute. I do have one concern, the synthetic thread is weaker than jute. The threads will pull apart with medium pressure. In reference to the thread colors, they will be easily utilized for both woodland and desert camo in matching the surrounding environments. Overall, the kit will ultimately build a ghillie suit that will last for years to come.