CamoSystems Jackal Ghillie Suit

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CamoSystems brings you the Jackal, a professional, affordable, 3D ghillie suit. 

This is a two piece jacket and pants combination that is built on a comfortable bug-proof netting shell. This all-terrain suit is made of light weight polyester fabric that is effective and durable, and provides the user with quiet and rustle-free movement.

Each suit comes with a detachable hood. The jacket features a detachable hood and a button front with velcro straps at the wrists. The pants feature suspenders and a drawstring waist to keep them high and snug on your body. Better yet, the suit is rot, mold, and fire resistant.

The Jackal's 3D leaf-like materials will blend you right into the woods! And it's hand washable as well.

This suit comes in M/L which fits 38"-44" chest and 32"-38" waist and XL which fits 46"-52" chest and 40"-46" waist. 

Killer Kamo 

Inner Shell
Soft Mesh Jacket & Pants

Suit Composition (2 piece)
Detachable Hood
Jacket with Buttoned Front and Velcro Wrist Straps 
Pants with Draw Cords and Suspenders

Camouflage Material 
Digital Camo 3D Netting
Synthetic Straps

Care Instructions: 
Soak it in soapy water over night, then hand wash only. Place on a coat hanger and hang wet on a clothes line outside to drip dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

I've had mine for about 7 years and it's still as good as the day I bought it. It works perfectly for wildlife photography. No one ever sees me in it. I've sat in the grass in the city and noone ever sees me. I'm in the open too, not hiding. Great bonus fun for Halloween!


Great suit for wildlife photography mainly used ducks and Warbler photography as well as mink. Had great success with the suit has held up to a summers worth of abuse.


Mine arrived on time, really good quality, fits perfectly, air flows through, mask hides my face well! Definitely recommended this to friends.


Amazing suit. Can feel the air flow, feels secure, fits just right with some room left, Hugh quality, looks amazing. 10/10 would recommend to friends.

The best Ghillie out of the box

I am very critical and very demanding when
it comes to camouflage and how to hide in
the field. I have tested several products and
stayed now with this Ghillies that even has
exceeded my expectations by far. It is washable
per hand and I wish Arcturus would still produce
the plastic rifle wraps who are outstanding. By
time I bought all 3 Ghillie suits now. Woodland,
snow and desert. Their quality is superb and not
to find in Europe. The only European snipers I know
are only to find in France, wearing a similar quality
suit but need plenty of hours to make one. Here
you have all included in one kit and don´t need to
break your head or budget. With 4 different models,
no wishes are spared. I can´t tell good enough about
that suits and it´s after years of research the only ones
that makes me disappear in the field and unviewable
even for military professionals. When not moving or
staying calm in the field, there is no better camouflage
money can buy. The one who invented it, should get
a product reward or medal of honor. My highest
recommondation. Don´t let pass by such a wonderful
piece of art and camouflage. Once it arrives at your
home, you will understand and all doubts vanish the
moment you put it on. 5/5 stars from a happy customer.
Best Ghillie for me in the whole market.