Arcturus Woodland Ghost Ghillie Suit - Includes Matching Rifle Wrap

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Be Silent. Be Deadly. Be a Ghost. 

The legendary Ghost Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo has made a name for itself by providing elite military operators, hunters, law enforcement personnel, paintballers, and airsoft players with an advanced 3D camouflage suit unparalleled in the industry. With over 6 pounds of mold-resistant synthetic thread, a fine-tuned 7-color blend and double stitching throughout, it's no wonder this suit is requested by name from special operations teams across the world. 

The suit is based on a standard woodland BDU mesh suit. Over 6 pounds of mold-resistant, synthetic thread is hand-sewn onto the entirety of the suit and then sewn on a second time to eliminate snags and sheds that are common with lesser ghillies. 

The Woodland Ghost Ghillie Suit includes a 7-color blend of synthetic fibers to provide a subtle variation in color and perceived depth of field that makes the suit nearly imperceptible in most operating environments. 

Each suit includes full-length trousers, a zippered jacket with attached hood and a matching wrap for your weapon. The entire suit is shipped in a mesh carrying bag with drawstring closure.

As Seen on Expedition Bigfoot and Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Features include:

  • Double Stitched Threads
  • Adjustable Drawstrings
  • Ultra Lightweight, Breathable Double Mesh Shell
  • Fire Retardant
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Camouflage Carrying Bag 

The Ghost Ghillie Suit comes in two camouflage patterns, Woodland and Dry Grass (Desert).

The Woodland color is based on a 7-color blend with 4 different shades of green, tan, black and brown. In field tests, this thread pattern was harder to spot when compared to other commercially-made ghillie suits that use only greens and browns.

The Dry Grass color is a unique color. While most desert ghillie suits are tan and light colored, the Dry Grass Ghost was designed for open fields when grass is yellow during the fall and spring seasons. The Dry Grass pattern consists of a greenish tan base, mixed with some light olive thread to mimic grassland.

Kids (4'0" to 5'0") Woodland Only
Young Adult (5'1" to 5'6") Woodland Only
Regular (5'6" to 6'0")
XL/XXL (6'0" and over)
*See size chart image for more details. 

Each suit includes adjustable waist and ankle straps to allow you to customize your fit to your unique height and build.

Jacket Specifications

Breathable Inner Mesh Shell
5 Snap Buttons
Elastic Waist and Cuffs
Attached Hood with Drawstrings

Pants Specifications
Inner Camouflage Mesh Shell
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring
Elastic Ankles

Ghillie Rifle Wrap
Elastic Band with Ghillie Thread
Elastic Loop Ends for Easy Attachment


Hand wash your ghillie suit in cool water. If there's a stain that will not come out with cold water, use only non-bleach, scent-removing detergent and wash again. Gently wring out and hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews

Missing material on one head part and thought these came with masks. Also, no one has returned my message about button n one jacket not clasping so just need a replacement then everything will be gtg!

Randy Veeder

Very nice realitic,realistic, quality

Excellent Suit But Required Modification

I bought this suit for bowhunting and it is high quality and works exceptionally well for that purpose, as I am close to invisible to animals. I did have to remove the strings on the bow arm and part of the chest to prevent interference with the bow string, but this was not difficult nor would it prevent me from purchasing it again. There is a slight sheen to the suit strings, but it seems not to detract or alert animals. Overall, it is a very good buy.

Jordan Biggs
Every thing they promised and more

Every thing they promised and more But one thing When I got it two of the buttons fell off and wouldn’t go back on

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we're sorry that the buttons failed on your ghillie suit. Expect an email from us shortly so we can make things right!

Michael J. Rouse Sr.

It's a gift to my son for Xmas, by request! He's not opened it ( so I'm told ) yet but very excited about it. First on the list is trying to hide from the dogs! Will report back after Xmas.