Lightweight Ghillie Poncho - Tracker

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This is the Lightweight Synthetic version of the Poncho Tracker. It is for those who need a light weight suit and only the upper Torso covered. This is a fast mobility suit. Designed for fast sprints, then kneeling down where you don't really need your lower half covered.

One size fits all.  

The "Tracker" has full sleeves for your arms, a generous hood, and covers the torso in front and back. Assembled on a 100% Nylon netting with Cut and Dyed synthetic thread attached.

Actual weight for the Lightweight Ghillie Poncho Tracker is less than 1 pound! Add a pair of Sniper BDU Pants to compliment this suit. Great for Turkey hunters or for those who will be kneeling down a lot.

Available in Woodland, Mossy, Desert, Leafy Green, and Winter White.

Customer Reviews

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K. Hestkjaer
Nice cover

Nice cover, though to the short side on the body.. Still awesome

Synthetic Ghillie Poncho Tracker

The Jackal Rifle Wrap is a convenient pre-cut section of camo netting which saves having to cut down a larger net that you wish to keep its original size. The Jakcal Rifle Wrap is very effective at breaking up the outline of the rifle or scope.

Too light

It's so light you dont know its on you. Could use more thread string, but I guess that's is why it's so light!

Tippman Pro
Wow, talk about light

I think its under 1 lb. You can run forever and not feel it. Better than the heavier bushrag suits that felt clumsy. If you wear for paintball you can move like the wind and kneel and you disappear. Suit Rocks!

Good poncho

Good suit, light as advertised, but a little hot in the summer. I thought getting a small poncho would be less hot.