Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit

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The Warrior Ghillie Suit is the ultimate 3D camouflage ghillie suit. Made with lightweight, synthetic threads sewn onto a breathable, digital jacket and pants, this ghillie suit is all you will ever need. This synthetic material is fire retardant as well as mildew and moisture resistant. 

The Warrior Ghillie Suit is four pieces and contains a jacket with a button down front, pants with draw cords, a boonie hat (which covers the entire face with a built-in front face veil) and a rifle cover. The entire suit comes in a stretchable carrying bag. This lightweight ghillie suit weighs about 4 lbs (M/L).


M/L (6'0" and under)
XL/XXL (6'1 and over)
Kids (4'8" to 5'4") Woodland Only

*See size chart image for more details

There are two color patterns to choose from. The Field Grass pattern is different from the standard desert pattern because it does not contain browns or blacks. Field grass is predominately tan and light olive which will blend in seamlessly with any fall or winter grassland environment. For open fields or grasslands with more green vegetation, choose the Woodland pattern. 


Woodland - 5 color combination designed for most woodland and forest environments
Field Grass - 2 color combination of tan and olive designed for dry grassy, desert and open field environments


Complete Ghillie Suit (Jacket, Pants, Boonie Hat with Face Veil and Rifle Wrap)
Adjustable Drawstrings
Ultra Light Double Mesh Shell
Fire Retardant Synthetic Thread
Camouflage Carrying Bag

Jacket Specifications

Breathable Inner Mesh Shell
5 Snap Buttons
Elastic Waist and Cuffs 

Pants Specifications

Inner Camouflage Mesh Shell
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring
Elastic Ankles 

Boonie Hat Specifications

Digital Woodland or Desert Camo Pattern
See-Through Face Veil
Full Head and Face Coverage 

Rifle Wrap Specifications

Elastic Band with Ghillie Thread
Elastic Loop Ends for Easy Attachment


Hand wash your ghillie suit in cool water. If there's a stain that will not come out with cold water, use only non-bleach, scent-removing detergent and wash again. Gently wring out and hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Jefferey Burke
Moneys worth

could not be happier.

Jessica Semeraro
Great quality

Very lightweight and moves well. Beautifully made.

Elliott Heyne
Honestly not bad for the price

This is so affordable, I couldn’t believe it. Couple things however, this is not a low crawling through 400 meters kind of ghillie suit. This is a practical ghillie suit for hunting or photography or something like that. If you plan on sitting still or moving slowly on your feet then this is a great option. This isn’t a run from the enemy in thick brush capable piece of equipment. Next thing, the fiber is synthetic, which I think is great, because it will not hold water really bad and it stays very cool and is really light weight. But if you weather it or drag it behind a vehicle down a dirt road like in the military to give it a decent functional look then you will tear it up. In short, not a battle capable piece of equipment but absolutely perfect for anything else. You won’t be disappointed. If it gets torn up beyond repair, you didn’t spend too much on it. Making your own ghillie suit is very time consuming, on the order of two or three days. They are super tough but also super heavy, they hold water, and they are very hot. This is so much better than I expected. This one I bought as a gift for a photographer that asked for one, and I am so impressed I will likely get one of my own.

Lance Dominguez

I love it

Joseph Solan
Awesome suit!

The ghillie suit I purchased was more than expected for the price. It's awesome!! Fast shipping also!